Our Core Principles

A healthy, safe work environment: that is Desert Fire Protection’s first priority. Our team understands the importance of maintaining a safe workplace and we strive to keep our workplace injury- and accident-free.

Safety is incorporated into every part of our planning. Our team will first identify job-specific hazards and
provide a hazard mitigation strategy for the highest risk activities. This is not a static list – risks change daily. Communicating with owners, contractors and the subcontractor team is key in benefiting the entire project.
   1.   Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
            a.   Safety Commitment from Senior Management 
            b.   Performance Reviews must Lead with Safety 
            c.   Encourage Two-way Communication and Employee Suggestions
            d.   Every Employee is Designated as Competent and Can Call for Work Stoppage in the Event
                  of Unsafe Conditions 
            e.   “We are our Brother’s Keeper” 
    2.   Work Site Analysis
            a.   Begins with Bid Process 
            b.   Job Site Hazard Analysis (JSHA) – Develop with Management Team 
            c.   Communicate Plan to Workers
   3.   Hazard Prevention and Control
            a.   Safety Task Analysis (STA)
                     i.    Pre-job Huddle – Sign-off 
                     ii.   Second Look when Conditions Change 
                     iii.  Post Job Review and Sign-off
   4.   Safety and Health Training
            a.   General Training
                     i.    OSHA 10-hour Training
                     ii.    Aerial Lift Training
                     iii.   Fall Protection Training
                     iv.   MSDS
                     v.    Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
            b.   Task Specific
                     i.    Confined Space
                     ii.   NFPA 70-E
                     iii.  Excavation
                     iv.  Respiratory Protection
   5.   Monitor and Check
            a.   Predictive Solutions
            b.   Audits
            c.   Discipline
            d.   Near-miss Reporting
            e.   Accident Investigations